Fellowshipping in Reserve, NM with my hero of faith, Charles McCargish. We celebrated the life of Charles beloved bride Joan yesterday at FBC in Reserve. Charles and Joan were married for 67 years! Both are such SAINTS! Always inviting people to come to Church and driving them to Sunday services!

Sharing Jesus in Arizona………

Do you think JESUS cares about the cosmetics of your Church? The color of the carpet? The color of the lights? The sound system? My goodness! JESUS cares about souls. How silly much of the Church must look to God. While JESUS was on earth he did not need light, HE WAS AND STILL IS THE LIGHT! JESUS did not need carpet or a sound system and movie screens. Think about what much of the American Church has turned into. In Baseball we call it, taking your eyes off the ball.” In this case, the Church, taking its eyes off of JESUS and his commandments.

The following are four quotes from Billy Graham on the role of the Church:

  1. The word church as applied to the Christian society was first used by Jesus Himself when He told Peter, ‘Upon this rock I will build my church’ [Matthew 16:18]. He is the foundation of all Christian experience.

2. Pentecost was the day of power of the Holy Spirit. It was the day the Christian church was born.

3. The church should not be pampered but rather prepare for, and expect, persecution—for it is Christ’s body on earth.

4. The church is a storehouse of spiritual food whereby the inner man is fed, nourished, and developed into maturity. It is fails, it is not fulfilling its purpose as a church.

Look at all the revivals breaking loose all over America, none as far as I know started in a Church. Revival is in the Air.  FGGAM is a Great Commission ministry. We hit the road and attempt to build bridges of love and trust with all. Time is running out. When we talk to folks, many say they do not go to Church anymore because they were not getting anything out of it. Many say that the Church has turned to political and supports evil politicians. Many do not see the Church as being effective in helping American become a better place. That is what Sharon and I heard in our Great Commission trips last year. We are gearing up to hit the road this summer. Last year it was sections of  New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. How about you? How about your Church? OR! Have you fallen in love with your building?

My Daddy and Mommy always taught me to take responsibility for the world I live in. I do not think the Church has. We do all for God and His children.

America in Chaos, nobody is safe. We all are at fault for allowing America to act like hell. We have failed to protect God’s children. As a whole, the Church in America has failed. Just think, only 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview, just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview! Barna research.

–Everyone has a worldview, but few have one that is biblical.

Barna Research found that just 4 percent of American adults have a biblical worldview. Additionally, only 9 percent of those categorized as born-again Christians have a biblical worldview, Barna said. More Here

What happened to the Church? It fell in love with itself, fancy buildings and acting like a government and kicking to the side things like carrying out the Great Commission, going into the streets ands byways and sharing Jesus, building bridges of love and trust with all. Many Churches stay within their walls, their own ‘kingdom.” Sadly, they seem very happy with that. The Church in America has let Satan tear apart the family unit, we are paying a deep price for divorce, sex, porn, abortion, drugs, crime, child abuse, and all sports of evil acts against children. Here in Albuquerque we have children killing children. I am not here to put sugar on anything. I serve God, not man and his ways. I run no popularity contest. God will have His way with all of us. We will sit at the judgement seat. I can hear God now, “Why did you allow….” What does the Bible say about when God will judge us?

REPENT AMERICA! Many love to pray! But do they repent!

How many Baptisms has your Church presided over in the last 2 years?

Is your congregation growing? If not, seek the face of JESUS.

UPDATE! LET US FALL TO OUR KNEES PRAYING! 6 victims in Covenant School shooting identified; all 3 students were 9 years old Pastor Dewey Moede, “America has has failed to protect God’s children.”

New Mexico school shooting victim speaks to students

Another teen arrested for role in assault of 13-year-old

Dr. Jim Denison: A new survey reveals the following astonishing facts regarding the percentage of Americans who say these values are “very important” to them, comparing answers in 1998 to today:

  • Religion: down from 62 percent to 39 percent
  • Patriotism: down from 70 percent to 38 percent
  • Having children: down from 59 percent to 30 percent
  • Community involvement: down from a high of 62 percent to 27 percent

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