I am very disturbed by this report! What has the governor and all her assistants, that are to protect the people of New Mexico, been doing over the last 4 years plus????? THEY ALL ARE LOST! The governor got her $10 million dollar baby killing factory. New Mexico governor pledges $10M for new abortion clinic.  The guv fails our children, CYFD is a huge failure in New Mexico, Lawsuit: CYFD failure led to toddler suffering months of abuse. New Mexico fails to protect God’s babies. Unheard CYFD bills have lawmakers asking questions. GOD IS NOT HAPPY WITH YOU NEW MEXICO! Can it get worse here? Yes and it will. The governor has had more cabinet officers resign, I have lost count. To think the people of New Mexico reelected her! Was the GOP pick for governor that bad? The GOP really needs to ponder their future.

I hear horror stories about this situation, especially the disability providers!

First the past…….

Do you remember this people of New Mexico? The problems that Lujan Grisham has seen in the past when she was director of the state’s Agency of aging and secretary of the Department of Health? Controversial past still follows New Mexico governor candidate Lujan Grisham

Now here in2023……….

KOB TV: Gov. Lujan Grisham announces investigation into more developmental disability providers

ABQ Journal: After client injured, state plans review of thousands on developmental disabilities waivers

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