I am so super blessed to have so many mentors in my life……

This is from a sermon by my mentor Pastor Robert Lewis from YEARS ago! IT FITS TODAY!!!!! Nehemiah 1. The books of Ezra and Nehemiah reveal to us, how God’s covenant people were removed from Babylonian exile back to their covenant land. Why had they been under Babylonian captivity? be cause they had refused to repent and turn their hearts back to God! If you consider the fact that history often repeats itself…..it should WAKE YOU UP! We are talking about the children of Israel, the ones whom He chose to lead into the Promised Land! YET! They had somehow managed to anger God to the point where He allowed evil dictators and evil leaders to take control and enslave His people once again! It is foolish to think that this cannot happen right here in America, we are on that path right now!

Take note that God remained in control, even thou he allowed evil opposition leaders to punish His people for their disregard of His will. God used some of those evil leaders to directly and indirectly- to initiate , protect, and sustain the restoration of His people. The restoration of Israel came up against the power of evil, BUT! The evil was never successful against the powers of God!!!


We are protected by the power and grace of the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.

….even thou he may choose to punish us for our sinfulness and rebellion.

Excellent message by Pastor Robert Lewis that fits America like a shoe here in 2023. Pastor Lewis was on the air with us many times at KKIM Radio raising money for orphans across the globe.

From Charles Stanley:

The church is a place for participants, not spectators. Yet many Christians today think this kind of involvement in others’ lives is too costly. So they come on Sunday, stand to sing, sit to listen, and walk out to get back to their own lives. The term “spectator Christian” doesn’t apply only to those who deliberately avoid going to church. In fact, many churches are filled with observant attendees who sit in the pews each week but never touch a fellow believer’s life. What about you? Are you a spectator seeking what you can get or a participant looking for ways to give to someone else?

Written by Pastor By Quintin Cundiff -in 2015!!!!!!!!!! Pastor Cundiff’s Words still ring true to this day! Let us repent of our laxity and laziness and instead become active and raise our voices for the unborn, for the sick, elderly, infirm, and homeless. Let us find ways to care for them and actually help our fellow-man. This is what we as Christians are called to do. We are not called to have massive, multimillion dollar facilities so that we can gain the approval or awe of the world. We are not called to sit on piles of money in local congregations. Story Here

From KOB TV:

Roundhouse Bill Tracker

Elisa Martinez: The legalized infanticide portion of New Mexico HB 7 in section 3C mirrors language of the radical California and Maryland bills that shocked the nation. In an effort to deceive the public, the abortion lobby behind this bill tried to sneak in the operative term, “perinatal” into another section, 2C of the radical bill. Perinatal as defined in legal terms, encompasses 28 days after birth. Story Here

Written By NM State Rep. Jim Townsend

HB207  has many bad problems. Boys in girls sports and in the bathrooms if they identify as a female. Religious freedoms were lost and personal rights of parents were tossed out. Four Republicans voted for the Bill and it passed 47 to 20. Only republicans voted against the bill in the end. I think this is a very sad day for New Mexico and family values. No one wants any child discriminated against including me but I believe the rights of the vast majority were trampled on and I am amazed that any would think for the whole this was good. Sad Day for many NM families. There has to be a better way than ignore the vast majority.

2023 Regular Session – HB 207, EXPAND HUMAN RIGHTS ACT SCOPE

Here is a look at legislation for families in D.C.:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says, the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act sits on 5 main pillars: The right to know what’s being taught in schools and the reading material The right to be heard The right to see the school budget and spending The right to protect their child’s privacy, and The right to be updated on any violent activity at school. From CBN NEWS: During the pandemic, many parents across the country were outraged after being called terrorists simply because they wanted to know what their children were learning in the classroom. Thursday, Republican congressional leaders introduced the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act, which promises to give parents more control over their children’s education. More Here

Abortion pills called life saving care

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