I want to go see the movie, “Southern Gospel.”


Dressed like he’d stepped out of a scene from “Grease,” Max Ehrich logged onto Zoom, primping his hair and smoothing his black leather jacket.

It was as if the actor hadn’t quite left the setting of his latest film, “Southern Gospel.”

Ehrich, 31, will undoubtedly be familiar to two camps of people: Those who watch daytime television and those who follow singer Demi Lovato. The former because he stars in “The Young and the Restless,” and the latter because he was briefly but intensely tied to his now-ex-fiancée. Story Here

Southern Gospel
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“A powerful portrayal of the grace of God, which never gives up and has the power to restore.”
– Pastor Louie Giglio Passion City Church

“Southern Gospel is a wonderful, heartfelt and inspiring movie. I love seeing a Christian-based true story!”
– Pastor Rich Wilkerson Trinity Church Miami FL

“I’m excited about the positive impact faith-based movies are having in our culture. Movies that encourage hope and inspiration are needed now more than ever.”
– Pastor Joel Osteen Lakewood Church

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