I got an email from this organization, ‘Beautiful Christian Life’ and I love their postings! All for the GLORY OF GOD! All Churches and Christian media should work together! AMEN! I am huge on being accountable to God, Sharon, my family and all supporters and writers for FGGAM! I am driven to be accountable! So many folks to not want to be accountable to God’s Word, they want a God that fits their life style. That is why here in America just 6% of the folks have a Biblical Worldview. Barna research. What’s so cool about this post is that THERE IS JOY IN ACCOUNTABILTY! I KNOW! I have such joy in being accountable to GOD ALMIGHTY! HE LOVES ME SO MUCH!

Here is the post from ‘Beautiful Christian Life’ I want to share with you:

Accountability often seems to be a one-way street. We want other people to be held accountable but also want God and others to to go easy on us. The reality is that we are all accountable to God, one another, and ourselves. More Here

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