Let the babies cry! Amen! Do you have babies in your Church? I go to many Churches now and I see no babies, sometimes no children at all! What is that all about? I even go to some Churches that do not even have Sunday School for children! OH MY!!! What is the future of a Church like that!!?? Let the children come people! I love it when I hear a baby cry! It means LIFE! It means growing up in the Church! AMEN! Gotta have babies in the Church! Amen! If you do not have babies and children in your Church, your Church does not have much of a future! I am in total agreement here with Rev. Jeremy Smith!

From Rev. Jeremy Smith

I was recently at a conference where each day the Bible study was led by a performance artist/theologian who acted out the biblical story and gave some exegetical/theological insight to the Scriptures. The content was terrific: substantial and challenging. But on the second day, a baby began to jibber-jabber loudly in the audience.

After a few minutes of this, the performer stopped the show, looked in frustration at the baby and parent, and said, “I love children, but I’m getting really distracted.” The parent and child got up and left the room … followed by several other parents who went out in solidarity and in protest.

I talked later with the parent and made this claim: A crying baby is a test as to whether someone is preaching or performing. More Here

The Rev. Jeremy Smith is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church and currently serves as Minister of Discipleship at First United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon. He blogs about faith, technology, and geeky topics at http://HackingChristianity.net


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