Thank you so much for the reminder Jodi Hendricks! God Bless you and yours! What a great message to wake up to at 3am today!

HB7 & SB13;
Plus a Reminder that God is still Seated on the Throne!
Dear Friends,
Discouragement is a nasty little thing. It worms its way into the heart and snuffs out any beam of light that might encourage our belief in a positive outcome. Our spiritual enemy knows that discouragement is the fastest and easiest way to destroy his opposition. That is why we cannot allow discouragement to hold us back in this steep mountain climb.
Recognize discouragement for what it is; a weapon
intended to take us out of the fight.
Recognize the power of the Almighty who has called us to climb.
Be strong and courageous with your eyes fixed ahead.
Much has happened over the past week in which discouragement has threatened to set in. First, HB7 passed the Senate Health and Public Affairs committee. Then, with very little notice it was placed on the agenda for the Senate Judiciary Committee to be heard first thing Saturday morning; in which it passed again. It will now move to the Senate Floor for a final vote.
While sitting in the committee hearing on Saturday morning, we found that at 10:30 pm the night before, SB13 (the HB7 companion bill) had been added to the agenda without notice. We had no warning and no time to follow procedure to register an organized opposition. As we sat in the 4 hour committee hearing waiting for HB7 and trying to determine what we would be allowed to do for SB13, I was reminded of the spiritual aspect of this battle. And although I sat there feeling frustrated and deceived, I gave it back to the Almighty one who had called me there to begin with. By his grace, the committee ran out of time and did not hear SB13, giving us time to prepare an opposition.
I sit today, waiting for the committee to begin (as it is delayed once again) and I have peace. Peace because even if we do not stop this bill today, the Lord has already worked on our behalf and will continue to do so. I will be strong and courageous knowing that I’m here in obedience to his call.
Just yesterday I was reminded of the beauty of the complete rainbow. It’s easy to forget what the full picture of a rainbow looks like; because from my perspective, I’ve only ever seen half of the picture. I’m so thankful that God sees the whole picture and directs our steps accordingly. I encourage you; in the face of discouragement, remember that you might only be seeing half of the picture but our God operates based on the whole thing.
Current Status of Legislation
As of right now, HB7 will be heard on the Senate Floor once it reaches the status of Business on the President’s table. Our call to action messages are being directed to you personal legislator with an option to make a phone call to them as well. Click here to take action on HB7. If HB7 passes the Senate, don’t be discouraged! We will share plans of our continued efforts if it comes to that. Just keep in mind, there is still something that can be done.
SB13, the HB7 companion bill that will protect out-of-state physicians and patients who come to New Mexico to provide or receive abortions or transgender surgeries, is currently on the agenda for today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. If the bill passes, it will move to the Senate Floor before moving to the House to repeat the committee process. Click here to take action on SB13.
Thank you for making your voice heard!
Standing Firm,
Executive Director
New Mexico Family Action Movement
New Mexico Family Action Movement
PO Box 52201
Albuquerque, NM 87181-2201

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