I hear all the terms like wokeness, and all the terms now describing people, I do to get hung up on that stuff, I focus on JESUS! I focus on the WORD OF GOD! When I first started hearing about wokeness, I did not even know what the dickens people were talking about! I have to ask Sharon or the kids, or google many of these terms. My identity is in JESUS! JESUS! Not in a particular church, I am and FGGAM is nondenominational, and I am of no  political party, SHARON AND I ARE SOLD OUT TO JESUS!!!!!!!! JESUS!!! I have enough to digest everyday in this world. There are so many distractions in this world to get us off the path of focusing on JESUS! I for one, will keep my eyes on JESUS! The world will not capture me! PREACH THE GOSPEL! BIBLICAL WORLVIEW FOREVER UNTIL I DIE!

The Christian Post Reports:

While many prominent conservatives have dismissed the term “wokeness” as a threat to the Gospel, a new USA Today/Ipsos poll shows that most Americans view it as simply an awareness of social injustices instead of a term demanding that people be “overly politically correct” or a policing of language. Story Here


Dr. George Barna, director of the Cultural Research Center (CRC) at Arizona Christian University, issued this alert revealing just 4% of American adults now have a biblical worldview.

This is down from 6% who said the same just months before the pandemic in January 2020, according to Barna’s “American Worldview Inventory.”

Story Here

How should a Christian view being “woke”?

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