Hope For The Wounded Soul…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. In life there are different seasons, and we all go through some kind of wounding. I have never met a person that hasn’t been wounded by someone or something. One thing I can say is that Jesus Christ is a great healer. He uses all kinds of different methods and sets up the best appointments. He can tell you yes or no in any situation. He can warn you and he can show you great and mighty things. You certainly want him leading your team.

If you feel wounded today and need some hope, sit a while with the man that created both heaven and earth and let’s see what he can do. You might just find a lot in those healing waters of Jesus Christ. I want to pray my life verse over you today.

Ready to pray?

Father, your Word tells us In Psalm 107:20 that you sent your Word and healed us. These are words on a page in a book written many years ago, however they have supernatural power. They have the power of Jesus Christ.

Father for every person wounded today that would begin the process of allowing you on their healing team will find you to be faithful. You are not a man that you should lie. (Numbers 23:19)

Father, thank you for every healing needed for mankind. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and healing for every soul wound is available at the foot of the cross. Thank you for visiting every person today that would step into those healing waters and say Father, I need your healing, thank you for being the director of my team. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. Step into his waters today and believe for his healing on your life. Together we declare Psalm 107:20 over our lives.

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