California, like all of America needs JESUS! Not abortions!

We are praying the same for every state in America! Amen!

Wendy Griffith of CBN brings us the GOOD NEWS! PTL!!!

As revival spreads across the country, now a major outreach movement is underway for California with 10 stadium events planned across the region on April 1st and Palm Sunday.

It’s called “Hope California” and the mission is to bring “the Golden State” back to God.

“Hope California” was birthed out a statewide 40-Day Fast organized by Lou Engle and Mando Matthews. God gave Matthews a vision for the 10 cities. Now he says, “We are going after the Harvest.”

‘Hope California’ to Reach 10 Cities with Revival: ‘Blitz the Streets with the Love of Jesus’

Henri Nouwen: “Our lives are destined to become like the life of Jesus. The whole purpose of Jesus’ ministry is to bring us to the house of his Father. Not only did Jesus come to free us from the bonds of sin and death; he also came to lead us into the intimacy of his divine life.”

“It is difficult for us to imagine what this means. We tend to emphasize the distance between Jesus and ourselves. We see Jesus as the all-knowing and all-powerful Son of God who is unreachable for us sinful, broken human beings. But in thinking this way, we forget that Jesus came to give us his own life. He came to lift us up into loving community with the Father.

“Only when we recognize the radical purpose of Jesus’ ministry will we be able to understand the meaning of the spiritual life. Everything that belongs to Jesus is given for us to receive. All that Jesus does we may also do.”

Dr. Jim Denison asks: Are you seeking “the intimacy of his divine life” today?

Just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview! JUST 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview! The result is chaos! Barna research.

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