Do you remember the story Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? These young men were sent to the fiery furnace for standing firm and unmovable in their faith and love to their God, the God of Abraham. Issac and Jacob. They would by no means bow down to another God except the True God of Heaven and earth.

  • These young men were sent to die in the flames. And as King Nebuchadnezzar gave the command for the furnace to be overheated. And as all looked they saw a fourth in the flames!

The flames never intimated the Lord! Why? Because He is the One that created the flames. And even the flames have to be obedient to His Breath.

The Lord could have extinguished that fire. He could have easily pulled the young men out. But He chose to go into the fire with them! And as they stood in the flames The Lord shielded them. He strengthened them to endure. He brought comfort to them. And it was just by His presence that brought these young faithful men peace. No panic or worry overcame them! They had the ability to go through the fire not getting burned or even come out smelling like smoke!

The Lord may not always pull you from the flames of life, but never think that He is not there holding back the flames He created!

Stand firm in your faith! Accept His peace! And take comfort in His presence! Then see what fires Jesus will pull you through!

Pastor Ed

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