On Sunday I traveled to the First Baptist Church in Glenwood, New Mexico. On the way back I stopped to see my dear friend Cissy, pictured at the very top,  at at the nursing home in Socorro. I met Cissy years ago when I preached at the First Baptist Church in Magdalena. Cissy is the mother of my dear friend Ruth Ryan, who is the wife of Cowboy Deacon Dave! Cissy will be 102 on May 22!!! Sharon and I gave her a Bible and a cross for her birthday. I remember that day years ago, maybe 13 years ago, when I first met Cissy. She told me that “You are a good preacher, and I hope you come again.” Coming from a saint like her, that gave me such great confidence! Cissy did not like New Mexico at all when she first moved here. She said, “So far to go to a grocery store, but once I got settled, I loved it here.” Cissy grew up in Missouri.

Power Team for JESUS!



I encourage you to go to a nursing home in your community at least once a month to visit with folks, they need to be shown the love of JESUS! BUT! You will be the one that is the most blessed, as the stories our elders have to tell are marvelous.

I am always encouraged when I travel! Wherever it may be, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, I get encouraged how many want to hear and talk about JESUS! THE GREAT COMMISSION!!!!!!!

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