What are you doing today to share the Bread of Life?

This is such a wonderful story for us all! Let us all ‘up our game’ a couple of notches for JESUS!

From The Wonderful Baptist Press!

PORTLAND – Baking bread has become an excellent way for Kelsey and Vergil Brown to connect with neighbors and church members. Kelsey developed the skill during the 2020 pandemic lockdown and has continued sharing loaves of bread to build relationships while she and her husband Vergil, a church planting missionary with the North American Mission Board (NAMB), get to know people and introduce them to Jesus.

“We’ve been counting how many loaves of bread she’s given away,” said Vergil. “She just passed 300. These go out to the whole neighborhood and to church members. Everyone knows about Kelsey’s bread.”

For missionaries with children, planting a church involves the entire family given the sacrifices each member makes, and that’s been no different for the Browns as they plant Redemption Church in one of the most unchurched cities in North America. More Here

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