The human ability to speak, read and write words for others to hear and see to me is a miracle only God could perform.  The world’s ability to communicate is constantly growing…if only our ability to understand and discern truth could grow at the same pace.  As individuals, we learn, process information and make sense of things according to our personal exposure, experiences, and interest.

I’m reminded of a childhood story of several blind men who were asked to feel an elephant and describe what they thought the animal looked like.  The first one felt of the elephant’s side and described it as a great wall.  The second man felt the leg and decided it was like a tree; while the third one felt the elephant’s tail and to him it was like a rope. These different observations of course led to conflict among the men which led to an argument…just as our different opinions and beliefs sometimes do.

How many situations can you think of today to which this story is relatable?  We can hear and read the same words and each get a different interpretation or understanding of what the words actually mean.  Some of us like to “read between the lines” and try to figure out what the speaker is actually trying to say based on the specific words he uses.  Others might listen with an open mind and not draw conclusions till the end on whether to agree or disagree.  Some might have heard something negative about the speaker and therefore refuse to listen at all.

Unfortunately, this is how most people approach the Bible before they accept the truth and actually read it.  It has been said by many unbelievers that the Bible is a fairy tale with words so old they have lost their meaning.  Some use the “thees” and “thous” as a reason for not understanding, while others have heard so many negative comments, they simply refuse to read it.

As I said, our understanding is based on our personal experience and limited to what we know…or think we know… already.  But what if we are wrong in what we know or believe to be true?  All information is not accurate or truthful.  In the world today it is certainly hard to discern which political view to believe or agree with.  Why limit our understanding by just accepting what we think as being right?  Shouldn’t we open our mind to other possibilities and know for sure?  Let’s do some research and draw our own conclusions.

As with the Bible, the same can be said of Jesus.  Some are sure He never existed.  When He started His ministry, some knew His family and refused to believe He was anyone other than a carpenter’s son.  Today people prefer to believe in a zombie invasion more so than in the return of a God who loves and gave His life for them.  Why is it easy to talk about ghosts and paranormal events, yet no one wants to acknowledge or explore the existence God’s Holy Spirit…or even talk about Jesus for that matter?

Is it really a lack of interest or fear of the unknown that keeps conversations about God and salvation off the table?  Jesus finds us wherever we are and the invitation to come to Him is an open one.  He will meet you right where you are.  Some might find Him in a church worship service or on their way to Walmart.  The important thing is that we do meet Him and learn all He has promised, such as:  I will never leave or forsake you.

Don’t close your mind and tell yourself that what you know about God is all you need to know.  Don’t assume you will go to heaven someday because you are a good person, or that simply knowing there is a God is enough. It’s not.  Get to know more and accept Him as your Savior.  Believe what He said in Matthew 11:29-30 “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”



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