Hallajuha!!! PTL!!!! Holy Cow batman! I can hardly keep up with all the revivals occurring in America!!! I have prayed for a time such as this for years! PTL!! All Glory to God!

From The Christian Post:

Cedarville University, a Christian university in Ohio, is seeing spontaneous prayer and worship among its student body nearly a week after a revival began at Asbury University in Kentucky. Cedarville University President Thomas White described what has transpired as “a special outpouring and sensing of the presence of the Lord,” adding that it “will be left to the historians” to determine if it was truly a revival. White said the outpouring began during the school’s morning chapel service on Monday, as students were going through Psalm 86. “So, we took a moment to pray and to sing a song. And during the song, without an altar call or invitation of any kind, we had some students who began to come forward and pray,” he explained. More Here

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