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Humble repentance before the Father. Passion to worship Jesus. Hunger for God’s Word. The peaceful presence of the Holy Spirit. The hallmarks of the Asbury Awakening.

On Thursday night, during the final public event of this outpouring at Asbury University, broadcast directly from the school’s auditorium, those hallmarks were all on display as students publicly shared life-changing scripture verses, worshipped with all their might, prayed fervently, and received the commission to go out into the world to spread the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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PTL!! Christian leaders and intercessors from around NM, across America and worldwide are coming to ABQ  Saturday, March 4

Don’t miss this gathering of Christian leaders and intercessors from around NM, across America and worldwide, are coming to ABQ on Saturday, March 4, 2023, 9am-2pm at New Life Church of God on Aztec, off Carlisle.  Bishop Doug Small from North Carolina, visionary for Prayer At The Heart and Project Pray & Aaron Park, who is heading up the Korean Intercessor teams that are coming to NM and 39 other states in our nation, May 2-9, to pray for a true spiritual awakening in our state and across America, along with John Robb, Jim Montoya of Open Door Ministry, Cipriano Roybal from American Liberty Ministry, Grover Dobbins, CEO of ChristianBody.Net & ChristianBody.TV and others will be sharing on strategic prayer practices, to have God’s will be done on this Earth, as it is in Heaven! With 95% of all churches in America not having any type of prayer meeting, how do we expect to get God’s results? Please, spread The Word, invite others you know of like mind, who want to see God have His Way in our state, throughout the Four Corners region, across America and throughout The WORLD! This is a FREE event and all followers of Christ/Messiah/The Anointed ONE are encouraged to attend and participate, so don’t miss it!
Pastor Mark Tross

From this past week:

Pastor Don Kimbro, who writes for God here at FGGAM, sent out this text yesterday: Wow! Last night we saw an advanced showing of the “Jesus Revolution” movie at Winrock. It was absolutely wonderful! Please, if you can, go see it while it’s in theaters here beginning Friday. You’ll be so glad you did. We love you!

From Greg Laurie: Pastors, encourage your people to take non-believers into the theater, buy two tickets, one for yourself, and one for an unbeliever. Take them to see the movie, and I think that you will see people actually come to Christ as a result!

This report is from Leah MarieAnn Klett the Assistant Editor of the Christian Post:

LOS ANGELES — When Jon Erwin first considered bringing “Jesus Revolution,” the story of the greatest spiritual awakening in American history, to the big screen in 2015, he never imagined that nearly a decade later, at the same time the film would hit theaters, a revival would be breaking out on campuses across the United States.

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I am so excited like a little boy about what how GOD is moving in America!!!!!!!!!!!

This is from Patrick Morley from CHURCHLEADERS:

In describing what happened in Jonathan Edward’s Northampton, Mass., church in 1734, observers said, “It pleased God display his free and sovereign mercy in the conversion of a great multitude of souls in a short space of time, turning them from a formal, cold and careless profession of Christianity, to the lively exercise of every Christian grace, and the powerful practice of our holy religion.” [1] That’s about as clear a definition as we’ll ever get! During a spiritual revival, God supernaturally transforms believers and nonbelievers in a church, locale, region, nation or the world through sudden, intense enthusiasm for Christianity.2 People sense the presence of God powerfully; conviction, despair, contrition, repentance and prayer come easily; people thirst for God’s word; many authentic conversions occur and backsliders are renewed.

Spiritual Revival and Awakening in America

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