It seems to me that the majority of Mexicans are for killing God’s babies. It seems to me that the majority of the citizens in this state are more concerned about red or green chili, than human life. DO YOU NOT SEE THE DESTRUCTION OF NEW MEXICO???? Fools have taken over the state. What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God.

I never thought in my life I would see a state that promoted killing God’s babies. So now we see billboards in California and New Mexico promoting killing God’s babies. Both states are spiritually dead.

I have been here in New Mexico since 1995, it was bad then, and every year it gets worse.

OH HOLY SPIRIT REVIVAL COME TO NEW MEXICO. The state is lost its way. Every Pastor in this state must evaluate what he and his congregation are doing to carry out The Great Commission. I have said for so long the Church here is not baptizing enough folks. A Pastor told me this week the Church in New Mexico that he had served at had just 2 baptisims in the last five years! THE GREAT COMMISSION IS NOT A SUGGESTION, IT IS A COMMAND FROM JESUS! What is the Great Commission? OH LORD! What is a Dead Church? Thank you for Pastor Danny Almanza for inviting me to speak at his Church in Grants, New Mexico! God knew I needed to see a Church of payer! I needed to see a Church that celebrates monthly baptisims! OH LORD! OH LORD! Thank you! The folks at ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life Ministries’ PRAY THREE TIMES A DAY!!!!!!!!!! A Praying and Baptizing Church is a growing Church

New Mexico House Passes HB 7: “Parents have lost their right to protect their children. Lord protect our children from these demons.”

New Mexicans respond to the passing of HB 7:

Hopie Carrillo: Sad as it is. I saw our political powers exhibit their depraved minds in the pretense of protecting the rights of our children. Parents have lost their right to protect their children. Lord protect our children from these demons!

Raul and Melissa Archuleta: We have lost our way morally and spiritually. We are lost. Yet! Our hope remains in Jesus! We pray for a revival of our souls and hearts, we pray for repentance and a return to God. He is our answer.



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