Albuquerque West Mesa High School Students and Teachers Share Fears About Gun Violence

“I fear for my life when I go to school,” said one sophomore.


It is just down right shameful children and teachers and all school employees have to be in a state of fear of being shot at in school! This is a problem across all of America. It is a JESUS problem. So many people have been blinded by Satan. JESUS is needed in America. Sadly, less than 50% of Americans belong to a Church. Just 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview, the result is chaos. This threat is just not in the schools here in Albuquerque, it is city wide, it is state wide. It is a horrible situation. JESUS! JESUS! Just think, the governor, just reelected by the people, wants to build a $10 million dollar abortion factory in Las Cruces. The state of New Mexico has become ‘Hitler like.’ New Mexico governor directs $10 million for new abortion clinic near Texas border

Christians in New Mexico have failed to help God’s children. Evil is rampant here.

Shame on you New Mexico!

West Mesa High School students, teachers share fears about gun violence

Look at the lack of respect for God’s babies here in New Mexico: I SMELL HELL FROM HERE! The DEMS RULE THIS STATE!

NM Alliance For Life: HB 7 Committee Hearing This Friday, The Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Act will force teachers to facilitate abortions, transgender surgery for NM school children

Thank you Sister Elisa Martinez for keeping us all informed! We are praying for the defeat of this bill. The Dems are having their way with New Mexico! This is what the people elected!!! UGH! EVIL!
What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God. Less than 50% of Americans are members of a Church. The results show!

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BREAKING: HB 7 Committee Hearing This Friday February 3, 8:30 AM House Health & Human Services Committee

HB 7, the Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Act will force teachers to facilitate abortions, transgender surgery for NM school children.

BREAKING: This morning the Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Freedom Act, HB 7 was just assigned to its first committee hearing, THIS FRIDAY, February 3 at 8:30 AM in the House Health and Human Services committee. The nation’s most radical abortion and transgender surgery bill is the first bill on the schedule this Friday.



Please be prepared to testify for 1 – 2 minutes against HB 7 either in person in room 307 at the Roundhouse or via Zoom link here for House Health & Human Services on Friday at 8:30 AM.

  • For testimony, be polite and use NMAFL’s legal analysis below to express your concerns, ask members to VOTE NO on HB 7.


House Health & Human Services Committee: ask to vote NO on HB 7.

Rep. Liz Thompson: 505 986-4425 Email:

Rep. Pamela Herndon: 505 986-4248, Email:

Rep Jennifer Jones:505 986-4227, Email:

Rep. Kathleen Cates: 505 986-4254. Email:

Rep. Eleanor Chavez: 505 986-4242, Email:

Rep. Joanne Ferrary: 505 986-4844, Email:

Rep. Tara Jaramillo: 505 986-4255, Email:

Rep. Stefani Lord: 505 986-4453, Email:

Rep. Reena Szczepanski: 505 986-4777, Email:

Rep. Harlan Vincent: 505 986-4467, Email:

FIGH BACK! In response, New Mexico Alliance for Life has launched a statewide petition to STOP HB 7 here.


  • HB 7 will force all New Mexico public institutions that receive public funding and employees, such as elementary school teachers to facilitate any request for abortion and “gender-affirming” health care – despite the best interest of the child for an elective procedure: Section 3B.
  • HB 7 will penalize anyone who “directly OR indirectly” “deny, restrict or interfere with a person’s ability to access or provide reproductive health care or gender-affirming health care — despite the best interest of the child or individual:” Section 3B.
  • HB 7 seeks to ban any effort by all lawmaking bodies at the local and state level from legislating against it, “a public body or agent of a public body shall not impose or continue in effect any law, ordinance, policy or regulation that violates or conflicts with the provisions set forth in this bill:” Section 3D.
  • HB 7 violates the constitutional rights of all New Mexicans for due process, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and equal protection. It penalizes New Mexicans under threat of prosecution and civil penalties up to $5K for exercising any of these constitutional rights. Section 5C.

“This bill will force every public school and teacher across the state to facilitate elective abortions and transgender hormones and surgery,” said Elisa Martinez, Executive Director of the New Mexico Alliance for Life. “HB 7 threatens citizens and empowers bureaucrats to further force compliance for these elective procedures. It violates numerous constitutional rights as well as the conscience and religious freedom of every New Mexican. This is the most tyrannical and overreaching health care bill in the nation putting transgender procedures and abortions above the constitutional rights of every New Mexican.”

From New Mexico State Senator, Dr. Gregg Schmedes, the only practicing health care professional in the NM Legislature:

“As a parent and practicing physician, I am deeply concerned about HB 7 forcing teachers and public employees to facilitate elective procedures – despite the best interest of our children. There are negative impacts to the mental, physical and emotional health of any elective procedure and HB 7 completely ignores the actual science,” said State Senator, Dr. Gregg Schmedes.



Pro-life Senator Bill Sharer asks for 200k prayers for New Mexico during the legislative session. Will you be one of the Prayer Warriors for our state? Don’t forget to share this important email with friends, family and church groups.

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