Some Things You Should Know About Christians With Anxiety, Please Read and Understand


I know many people who suffer from anxiety. IT IS REAL! We all need to understand that many are afraid to tell others in their Church that they have anxiety. They do not want to be condemned. They want YOU to understand how devastating it is. I am no expert, I try to understand and help people as much as I can and show them understanding and the love of Jesus. I also refer folks to a medical doctor. Toward the end of last year, I got wore out from all the funerals I had been doing, I call it battle fatigue. I was dealing with parents losing their child to gun violence, suicides and overdoses. It created fatigue and a bit anxiety. I started doing funerals again this month. There were times I was officiating two funerals a week, one week I officiated two on a Friday. I was seeing the results of violence in Albuquerque. I do not know how Police, Firefighters, EMT’s, Nurses and Doctors deal with violence all the time. There are no words for a parent losing their child, except to show the love of Jesus.

Here in New Mexico we are blessed to have a wonderful Christian counselor, John Thurman. I got a call out of Texas a couple of weeks ago from a man who needed a counselor for a friend. I referred him to John. I have only met John once, but I always hear of his wonderful work, he now is also with Focus on the Family! I have posted John’s most recent message at the end of Adam Ford’s posting.

Thank you Adam Ford in CHURCHLEADERS:

There are four things you must know about Christians with anxiety. For seven years I have lived with Generalized Anxiety DisorderPanic Disorder and Social Anxiety. It has completely changed my life. I have written and drawn about these things before and the response has proven to me that there are tons of Christians with anxiety who relate to my story. This probably includes people you know. I also know that many are hesitant to tell others about their struggles. So for them, based on my experience, I compiled a little list of things you should know about your friends and family who are Christians with anxiety.

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How to Know if Your Child is Depressed or Suicidal, Written By John Thurman

People Need Hope, Sharing The Love of JESUS with others..My God Story From Yesterday! By Pastor Dewey:

My God Story for the Day: It seems I have many every week. A man in Albuquerque gives me a hundred dollar bill from time to time to give to someone that God shows me to. The man says to me, “Dewey here is 100 dollars, I know GOD will show you who to give it to.” Today a woman that I gave it to before Christmas told me that she cried when I handed it to her. I just gave it to her and told her God told me to give this to you, God Bless! Well, she was 100 dollars short on paying for her two year old’s day care. A man of God gives me 100 dollars to give away and God showed me who to give it to, and a Mommy has the money to pay for her little boys daycare. That is how God works! He knows everything!

Why is giving so emphasized in the Christian faith?

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