Reasons Not to Smoke Weed (Even if It’s Legal in Your State) The Dumbing Down of America


As I travel New Mexico I see the devastation of legalized pot. My! Oh My! So many young people are smoking pot like I drink coffee! These folks are allowing a substance to run their lives. I have to say it is not only young people, it is even older adults! America in so many ways has become stoned. The dumbing down of America. Oh My! That has been a theme of mine for years, going back to my KKIM radio days! More proof why I am not a popular preacher in todays world! I try to step on toes with a touch of love! LOL! Did you know here in New Mexico you can also have booze delivered to your home????!!  No wonder I can smell hell from here! You would think the people of New Mexico would by now have had enough of drunk driving deaths, but then again, it is a state that kills God’s babies. The governor here wants to build a 10 million dollar baby killing factory! The people here knew that about her, but still elected her! My goodness! What has happened to the people of this state? Oh Lord! What will it take to wake up New Mexico?

The majority of the people in New Mexico are showing God that they do not value the life that He gave them!

I understand that you can get home delivery of pot in parts of America. We are killing ourselves.

This is an awesome message by Greg Stier in CHURCHLEADERS:

These days, many U.S. teens need to hear reasons not to smoke weed. I live in Colorado, which pioneered the legalization of recreational marijuana use. As a lifelong resident, I’m not happy about that. Unfortunately, more states have followed Colorado’s example in the past decade. Story Here

I see it, I hear about it, the mental affects that pot has on the mind and body!

How Pot Affects Your Mind and Body

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