PTL!!!!!!! The Church Being The Church! Women and Children Welcomed in California Church’s New ‘Village’



I am praying more and more Churches will do what Meridian Baptist Church has done! PTL!!!!!! The Church being The Church! PTL!! AMEN!

What a witness to the world!


EL CAJON, Calif. (BP) – When the first residents moved into the newly built emergency shelters on the campus of Meridian Baptist Church, it was the fulfillment of a ministry idea years in the making.

Since late December, three previously homeless women and their children have been sheltered in the emergency facilities located on Meridian’s property. More Here

The Churches role with the homeless

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  1. This is an amazing story and God bless Meridian Baptist Church, Amikas and local government for working collaboratively to make this happen! I would love to see this sort of thing here in Albuquerque, although I can’t help but wonder out loud how difficult the city and state regulators would make things with zoning, housing, equity and other policies and rules. The relatively recently-constructed “little homes” have so many rules that most are not even in use…

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