I have been through this drill when I was assigned to help Churches through a split. I learned a lot! Thank you LORD! This is a great message not only for Pastors, but all folks! I spent to much time ‘chasing deserters.’

By Chris Surber on Jan 27, 2023


I’ve always shepherded local church in transition. That’s what God has me doing in this season of my life and ministry. One thing I’ve learned very clearly is not to date deserters. That is, don’t succumb to the temptation of every local church that has ever lost a few members, and every pastor to a new parish to go chasing after those former members who have left the church.

It’s tempting. It seems like an easy mission field. “Hey,” the conversion goes when you first start unpacking books in your new study, “Here is a list of people who have left the church in the last few years. We (the ethereal ‘we’) would like you to call on them to see if you can win a few of them back.”

Pastor, Are You Chasing Stray Dogs?

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