‘God Has Just Been Moving and Moving’: Months-long Small Town Revival Changing Hundreds of Lives in Kentucky


Tragic: While 50% of U.S. adults say they attended church weekly as children, only 22% continue church attendance at the same rate today. Lifeway Research

WOW! What if every city and town has a revival in America, that would be the start of another Great Awakening! I mention this to some pastors and they are not interested in holding a revival in their community!!! Very frustrating! Are they afraid of the work? Are the concerned not many will show up? Blocking a revival is like trying to block God. Very sad. I have been talking with Pastor Sheldon Wolf of the First Baptist Church in Reserve, New Mexico and we are praying for God to lead us in our revival plans there. What are your plans to revive your community? More of the same? Carry out the Great Commission! Please! So many communities are dying all across America. Do you not see? I am praying for all Pastors in America this morning that all will help with another Great Awakening! From Christianity.com: When Theodore Frelinghuysen, a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, came to begin his pastoral world in New Jersey during the 1720’s, he was shocked by the deadness of the churches in America. He preached the need for conversion, a profound, life-changing commitment to Christ, not simply perfunctory participation in religious duties. AMEN! Less than 50% of Americans hold a membership to a Church! Reach out! People are dying everyday in America not knowing JESUS! Crime is awful! Shootings, Drug addiction is infesting all communities in America!! So many suicides, I have been officiating so many funerals! I SEE IT! DO YOU SEE THE NEED FOR REVIVAL??? NO POLTICS!!!!!! JESUS! JESUS! America has a JESUS problem! POLITICS WILL NOT SAVE YOUR COMMUNITY!

One of the wisest Pastors I have ever met is PASTOR DON KIMMBRO! Don has pastored here in New Mexico for years, he tells it like it is in a loving way. Don told me years ago that the Church is not baptizing enough people and helping them grow into mature Christians.” YES! I know of Churches that have not baptized folks for 2 years or more. I also see what Don was saying about MATURE CHRISTIANS! We lack mature Christians all over America! We are paying a deep price for the failure to baptize people. Look at us!!! We are a nation of violence! We kill babies! We kill others! Mass shootings! Dug overdoses…and on and on we go. The Great Commission is a disciple-making mandate, and disciple making is a multi-step process. For example, one important metric in that process is baptisms. In Matthew 28, Jesus commanded His disciples to baptize new believers. We rightly celebrate new life in Christ through baptism. A COMMAND! NOT A SUGGESTION! What is The Great Commission?

I love this news report from CBN! It truly shows what happens at a Holy Spirit driven revival:

A sweeping revival is taking place in a small community in southeastern Kentucky where hundreds of people are being changed by a move of God’s Spirit.

Pastor Scott Phipps tells CBN News that “God is moving in a mighty way” as people are being delivered, healed, and set free from addiction.

For the last 77 nights, nearly 300 people have shown up to North Main Community Church in Barboursville, Kentucky to have an encounter with God. More Here

What was the Great Awakening? Know the Facts & Summary

This should be of great concern to all pastors:

More Americans say they want to grow spiritually amid growing openness to other faiths, Fewer than 50% hold church membership

America You Have a JESUS Problem

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