Ask God This Question Beautiful People And Then Believe… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Ask God This Question Beautiful People And Then Believe…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Today, I wanted to encourage everyone around this globe that wasn’t perfect yesterday to get back up and try again with the same love from a Heavenly Father. His love never changes, it’s agape. When you make a mistake, or failed yesterday, get back up and start your day with a new beginning. He loves you with an everlasting love. Your Heavenly Father is one that loves you in the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can call out to him day or night and he is on call. He says that’s my child, get back up and let’s try this again. When you make it through the day and the day appeared picture perfect, he has the same love. His Word tells us he died for us when we were yet sinners. That is what is so hard for people to understand. Jesus died for us when we were at our worst. I feel at times it is the hardest love to receive because we don’t believe it. We will not be a perfect people, and this will not be a perfect world until Jesus returns or we go to be with him. Our hearts are tender and full of mercy for some, but today God wants our hearts full of mercy towards all mankind. I must admit I am a work in progress, and I have not arrived.

Today, ask God this question beautiful people. Ask him to help you believe and receive his love. This can be quite difficult for some folks that have never felt love from a father, husband, etc.

Recently, I had an individual tell me all they wanted was to be loved. This person has very little in this life, but I am thankful for a God that loves him no matter what and has a plan. He has failed many times at his attempts in overcoming some of life’s issues, but I could confidently tell him that he is loved. He just needs to believe it.

Let’s Pray:

Father, for everyone that needs to feel refreshed, cleansed, and loved this morning, may you encounter them. God, we ask you the big question today, how much do you love us? Your response is the same for everyone all across this globe, you loved us enough to die for us. (John 8:36) Nothing can separate us from your love. neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Father, may people believe today. Empower us to be merciful, even as our Father is merciful. Luke 6:36

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. Believe it and receive his love today.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Matthew 5:7.

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