As Putin rains down hell on Ukraine, 100 Ukrainian troops to train in Oklahoma; Russia nearly destroys Ukraine city: Live updates


War is hell. Young men die in old man wars. What is wring with us? We watch and hear about this evil man Putin, he is ‘Hitler like,’ who just pours down hell on Ukriane. Killing innocent people. Putin is a fool.  What does the Word of God say about fools? What is the world doing? Sending money and weapons’ to Ukraine. The world needs to for further. Putin must be stopped, he is a mad man, like Hitler was. Why does this matter to the world? Since the beginning of the year, Russian occupiers have forcibly deported about 2,000 Ukrainian children to Russia

I cannot find worlds backbone.

USA TODAY Reports:

About 100 Ukrainians are bound for Fort Sill in Oklahoma to learn how to use the Patriot missile defense system to help counter Russia’s barrage of its civilian population and infrastructure. More Here

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