I am very disappointed in many Pastors here in New Mexico that remain so very silent on the killing of babies. What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God.

I was talking yesterday with Pastor Jerry Lucero here in New Mexico and we were saying that the Republican candidate for governor, Mark Ronchetti, cost himself the election by being wishy washy on abortion. He did not know where to stand! So he wimped out and said, let the voters decide, he was afraid to take a stand for GOD! After the election a New Mexico GOP lawmaker told me, “I do not think we will ever stop abortions.” So now, Governor Lujan Grisham aims to build a 10 million dollar abortion factory in Las Cruces, using taxpayer money! The GOP could not beat Lujan Grisham, because New Mexico is such a dark place and the GOP put up a weak candidate.

New Mexico in Chaos!

Shame on the GOP! Look what is happening all across America:

Anti-abortion groups are butting heads with an unexpected opponent as state legislative sessions begin this month: Republican lawmakers.

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PTL!!!!!!!!!!! Hundreds of Thousands Attend March for Life 2023!!! Tragically, Darkness Continues in New Mexico

From CBN:

An Alabama woman grew up in a Christian household and attended church regularly, then eventually worked in an abortion clinic for four years. Sarah Eubanks assisted with more than 5,000 abortions, sometimes for girls as young as 12. Here is her shocking—and redemptive story.

In 1993, Melissa Coles was a scared teenager, lying on the table in an abortion clinic. Right before the abortion started, she heard a voice say, “It’s not too late, get up.” Melissa fled the room and later put her son up for adoption. The family who adopted him had endured unspeakable tragedy in their own lives and now, so many years later, birth mother and son have connected. Watch their incredible story, here.

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