A Cry for Mercy on California



Substantial flooding in California has killed at least 17 people, perhaps more, and left in excess of 200,000 homes and businesses without power as of Tuesday.   This state has had more than its share of rain following the winter holidays, and there are more storms forecasted later this week and next.   The small town in Southern California where I am blessed to live, has received close to 12” of rain from New Year’s Eve until late last night, January 9th.    We certainly need God’s mercy.

Sovereign LORD God of grace and mercy, I pray Your sheltering wings upon all the victims of the regions of California under flood conditions, and flood watch.  Bless these people LORD and keep them safe. Please, dear Father, do not allow these flood waters to further rob their lives.  And the children, LORD, please do not allow fear to have a lasting effect on their lives.   Restrain and redirect the flood waters, debris flow, and devastating mud surges protecting their homes, their precious animals, and their hopes.   Bless, strengthen and protect all first responders and volunteers who work to keep people safe.  LORD God, I pray You would subside or redirect these storms in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus, Amen

California Storm Update


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