Will New Mexico’s Revenue Windfall Result in a Better State? What Will The Politicians Do With The Peoples Money? 


We have lived here in New Mexico since 1995. We have seen the state pour money down rat holes like the house of horrors CYFD, REFLECTING ON CHANGES AT CYFD IN A YEAR,  and a failed education system. The latest 2022 student assessments reveal that overall 75% of New Mexico students are not proficient in mathematics and 66% are not proficient in reading. The disgraceful numbers are indicative of an administration that has systematically failed education in New Mexico. The state has been rated last in just about anything good since we moved here. Whether its A GOP or Dem governor, last place is the landing spot for New Mexico. It is a downright shame. Money can help, but hearts need to change in this state! JESUS! JESUS! New Mexico must repent for years and years of killing babies through abortion, child abuse, the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church, child hunger, the list is long, but it only gets worse here. Albuquerque has set a new record for murders. A cloud of death remains over the state. New Mexico needs a come to JESUS meeting. hearts need to be changed for JESUS. Many people, now more than ever, ask us why we stay here. Too few workers for the mission field here. God has me and Sharon here for the mission of carrying out The Great Commission. There may be a day that He calls us to a new home, right now we are in battlefield for God. It is very tough here. The only thing that will change New Mexico is JESUS.

What will the politicians do with the peoples money?

New Mexico’s revenue windfall could prompt new round of rebates


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