The 12 Days Of Christmas Songs (Day 2)

Christmas Songs for December 15, 2022


Regardless of when Jesus was actually born, it’s a good thing to celebrate the birth of Jesus!  Christmas is a great time to praise, worship and give honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – the Savior of the world!

Pastor Dewey Moede and I agreed that sharing a mixture of modern and traditional Christmas songs is in order for this season!  So, from December 14, 2022 through Christmas Day, I’ll post articles with videos or audio-videos of some great and worshipful Christmas-themed songs.

For Day 2, here is a strong gospel praise song giving glory to the newborn King!  It’s called Jesus, What A Wonderful Child.  This arrangement by NewSong is just fantastic.  I hope you enjoy and maybe even sing along with NewSong’s version of Jesus, What A Wonderful Child!

Here are the lyrics:

Glory, glory, glory
To the newborn King

Jesus, Jesus
Oh, what a wonderful child
Jesus, Jesus
So lowly, meek and mild
New life, new hope, new joy He brings
Won’t you listen to the angels sing
Glory, glory, glory
To the newborn King

He was herald by the angels
Born in a lowly manger
The virgin Mary was His mother, and
Joseph was His earthly father

Three wise men came from afar
They were guided by a shining star
To see King Jesus where He lay
In a manger filled with hay

Glory, to the newborn King

Glory, glory, glory
To the newborn King

God bless you all!  Hopefully you’ll come back to FGGAM’s website tomorrow and join me for some new Christmas music on Day 3.

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Praise Jesus forevermore!

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