A Prayer and Challenge for 2023



Almighty God, our Creator, Savior and LORD, thank You so much for all that You have done for me, my friends, my family, my church, and Your ministries given to me to serve You through.    Your hand on each of our lives is so much more than we could hope for, and Your blessings to us all are so greatly appreciated.

LORD, You have seen my many challenges, wept at my failings, and rejoiced in my successes.   You know I am coming up on the New Year, 2023, and that I have made determinations and promises to change those areas of my life that You have revealed, particularly in the spiritual, and I need Your strength to make those changes, as I can do nothing without You.    Please, I must have Your continued blessing and guidance to make me more like You, to walk better in abiding in You, this new year.

LORD, I also ask for Your continued blessings on all those around me, and that I am connected with in various ways.    I ask that this year be one of peace and joy for my family and friends by their choosing.    May You please continue to make Your Presence known and felt in each of our lives; give us a heart for You and a desire to make the world a better place for others.    Many of my precious friends are in need of Your clear direction for their lives and ministries; speak in such a way that they know they have heard from You.   The world we live in has given so much sickness, pain and sorrow, please give all those within my broad circle the faith to walk fearlessly through all their dark valleys.   I also ask for peace and blessings on those far from home, for those who suffer physical or emotional pain, and for those who need You a little more each day.

Our Sovereign and Holy God, as we Your Church in America look to the beginning of this year 2023, we acknowledge our need of Your presence and guidance by Your Word and Your Spirit as we face an unknown future.  We do have our hopes, dreams, and expectations for the year ahead of us, but only You have knowledge of what is coming ahead for us; only You can strengthen us to meet and go through its many challenges.    LORD, encourage us to humbly place our trust in You for our lives during this coming year.    Awaken Your Church to revival and spiritually awaken this nation to the saving of many souls to Christ Jesus.

We pray for America and her many leaders during these difficult days; some of which are blinded from what is right and true.  I ask that Your Holy Spirit might open the eyes of those who are imprisoned in deceptions that they may humbly see and repent of wrongdoing and be fair to our people.     LORD, I pray also for all those who are working hard to bring peace and justice to our dangerous and troubled world.  Bring this hate-filled divided nation together and give us a vision of what You would have America to finally be.   Your Word reminds us that “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

We pray too for Your safeguarding of all the men and women serving in our military forces, and we thank You for their commitment to safeguard our freedoms, even at the sacrifice of their own lives.   May Your Presence be with all their family members also, and comfort them through Your love and care for them.

Our gracious LORD, as we look back over this past year’s difficulties, we thank You for Your grace to us beyond what we truly deserve.   May we never take for granted Your goodness or Your mercies to us, but may they rather lead us to repentance, and commitments to You as the center of our lives this new year.

Father, thank You for the hope of a new year; we expectantly look forward to 2023 with faith.   Thank You, LORD, for all You do in our lives and for all Your continued blessings and love, in Jesus’ name, Amen!


Dear believing friend, perhaps you will make this a daily prayer of commitment to your heavenly Father for the New Year, 2023:

My Precious Heavenly Father, these things I commit to You every day of the rest of my life:  I commit my mind to the shelter of the Blood of Jesus, that it shall not wander astray from Your will . . . my thoughts, that they may be pure and edifying; . . . my desires, that they may be set upon no vain thing; . . . my motives, that my eye might be single for Your glory; . . . my affections, that they might be set upon things above; . . . my imaginations, that I might not be dreamy, but practical; and my flesh, that no harm shall come to my mortal body from the enemy.

 You, LORD, Who once gave Your life’s blood for me, will every moment, impart its power to produce results in my life.   I trust You to teach me to think about Your blood as You think about it.   LORD Jesus, I trust You to work out in me, unceasingly, the full merits of Your blood, so that my whole life may be an uninterrupted abiding in the sanctuary of God’s presence . . . In Jesus alone, Amen!

 To this entire world I say, Happy New Year, and a new life in Him!

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