From USA TODAY: Now that Republicans have taken the House, President Joe Biden’s agenda is likely going to stall over the next two years of his term – at least the more ambitious parts of it.

“I’m proud to announce the era of one-party Democrat rule in Washington is over,” California GOP Leader McCarthy declared after winning the nomination from his caucus to be the next speaker, replacing Democrat Nancy Pelosi. More Here


Will the peoples business get done?

Will the deficit go down?

Will taxes be decreased?

Will the average American be represented?

Or are we going to get more of the same….nothing but hurt?


New Mexico taxpayers are paying $18 million for unused state office space

Hard to beleive that NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham won reelection. There are calls for GOP leader Steve Pearce to step down. I think that is way overdue. If the GOP cannot beat one of the worst governors New Mexico has ever had, it shows they have big problems starting at the top. The GOP is failing big time in swaying DEMS and Independents over there side. Peace acts like he is leading the top party in the state, I have had problems with Pearce dating back to when I was on the Board of the Arc of NM, when he blew us off when we flew into  D.C. for a scheduled meeting with him, he was on the golf course! From my KKIM radio days I have a bit off a list of grievances about Pearce. They also need much better candidates! If Pearce managed a baseball team, he would have been fired seasons ago! I have to say that GOP leader Jim Townsend would make a great governor! The GOP should have done better than the weatherman. I cannot beleive that Ronchetti would boast about his endorsement from Trump when he is not the going to get you any votes from the other side by doing that! DUMB MOVE! Let it soak in, the GOP got beat be one of the worst governors ever in New Mexico.  Some Republicans asking Steve Pearce to step down as New Mexico party chair


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