PTL!!!!!!!!!!! Police Officers Save Life of One-Month-Old With RSV Who Stopped Breathing


Thank the LORD for all of our Police Officers. I do not know why anybody would be a Police Officer in America these days. I asked a young officer here in Albuquerque why he is on police force, he said, “Because it is a calling.” I get that!

I get sad when the news media and others refer to our Officers as COPS! The proper term is they are POLICE OFFICERS! I was taught that when I was a little tike. We need to show respect to our heroes. Yes! I am old fashion, and I will take that to my grave!


Two Kansas City police officers are being applauded as heroes for saving the life of a one-month-old baby who stopped breathing after complications with RSV.

Officers Richard DuChaine and Charles Owen quickly sprinted in action when they received a call that an infant had stopped breathing.

“The baby was so small, she looked like a doll,” Owen told TODAY.

Kamiyah Allen was born 34 weeks premature and her mother, Tajanea, says that on the morning of the incident she was acting strangely and suddenly stopped breathing.

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