Hallelujah!!! PTL!!! New Billy Graham Archive Opens on the Late Evangelist’s Birthday


JESUS is my greatest teacher, then Paul of the Bible and then Billy Graham!!! PTL!!! I feel bad for all those that do not know Billy Graham and his teachings! As I go around and carry out The Great Commission and preach in churches, so many do not know of Billy! I am thankful for this news!!! When I went to work at KGCX radio in Sidney, Montana in 1979 I really got aq1uanted with Billy! I would play back his program ‘Hour of Decision’ every Sunday. In those days the programs came to us on reel to reel, we did not have satellite delivery systems at that time. I so much loved his enthusiasm for JESUS!!! JESUS!!! Billy would shout that joy all over the world! PTL!!!!!!!


(RNS) — In the twilight of his 99 years, the Rev. Billy Graham met with Duke Divinity School historian Grant Wacker, who was writing a biography of the famous evangelist.

Graham leaned over at one point and, according to Wacker, asked the him, “’Do you think the archives at Wheaton are well run?’” I said, ‘Yeah. They are,.’” Wacker told RNS. “He said, ‘That’s good.’”

History was on Graham’s mind. Conscious that his legacy after his death would depend on how future generations saw him, he saw the need to preserve and maintain the record of his work. Story Here


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