Pastor Dewey Note: I found this message very interesting. Last month I preached at FBC in Glenwood, New Mexico and for part of my message I sat on the side asking the congregation questions and they loved it, I did what God told me to do. I also love to move around and go out into the congregation at times, to be more intimate with the folks. I want to make sure nobody is sleeping! LOL! I love to speak into the hearts of all. I love to show folks I really, really care about them. I am just a regular guy with a message from God and showing my love and care for all. I am not comfortable getting rid of the pulpit because I still use it.

From Josh Weidmann in CHURCHLEADERS:

“Let’s get rid of the pulpit,” were some of my first words when starting my first senior pastor role in 2009. I was preparing to preach every week, which was different than what I had done in the past. I knew I quickly had to find what was comfortable for me. Sunday comes with amazing regularity, so finding a setup that allowed for me to preach the Word of God unhindered was of first importance. I had been preaching for nearly 15 years by that point, but most of the time I preached without a pulpit. When I arrived at a venue to guest preach I would have them remove the pulpit; I would just stand with Bible in hand to speak. The weekly regime of preaching was going to require more notes than I  preached with prior to that point. I had to have space to lay out my notes, Bible, clock, and iPad (for control of my slides). 3 Reasons I Preach With a Table


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