2022 midterms: Republican hopes dashed as control of Congress remains in doubt, New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham Wins Another 4 years

From Dr. Jim Denison
“Courteous conduct honors Christ”
Consequently, the way Christians engage in politics is crucial to our witness and the eternal destinies of those we influence. Max Lucado was right: “Those who don’t believe in Jesus note what we who believe in Jesus do. They make decisions about Christ by watching us. When we’re kind, they assume Christ is kind. When we’re gracious, they assume Christ is gracious. But when we’re dishonest, what assumption will an observer make about our Master?
“No wonder the Apostle Paul says, ‘Be wise in the way you act with people who are not believers, making the most of every opportunity. When you talk, you should always be kind and pleasant so you will be able to answer everyone in the way you should’ (Colossians 4:5–6 NCV).”
Lucado therefore noted: “Courteous conduct honors Christ. It also honors his children.”
Will your political engagement today honor both?

“Preach first by the way that you live”

This is why sharing the good news of God’s love is so urgent. As pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie notes, “God’s primary way of reaching nonbelievers is through the verbal articulation of the gospel.” We are inviting others into a personal, transforming relationship with a personal, transforming God. We can actually know Jesus and then make him known. And knowing him does in us and through us what no political party or leader could ever accomplish.

However, Charles Borromeo, the Archbishop of Milan from 1564 to 1584, offered an important qualification: “Be sure that you preach first by the way that you live. If you do not, people will notice that you say one thing but live another, and your words will bring only cynical laughter and a derisive shake of the head.”

Live the gospel and share the gospel. Know Christ and make him known, and long after yesterday’s elections are forgotten, your faithfulness to your Lord will echo in eternity.

This is the promise, and the invitation, of God.

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Republicans predicted to take the House, Senate too close to call: Insights from “the father of democracy”

America needs peacemakers. Here in New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham defeated Democrat Mark Ronchetti. These two bashed heads against each other, they both ran nasty campaigns. Worst ever campaigns since I have lived here. Dirty politics. I have no respect for this type of life. Where are the peacemakers? After Roncheitti conceded last night he called for New Mexico to work together! RIGHT! The ads ran by both just divided the state more and more. After I officiated a funeral service last month for one of my best friends, Scott Flury of Chama, New Mexico who is known as a peacemaker, a lady came up to me and said, Why don’t you run for office, we need peacemakers.” I told her I have been asked before by people to run, not by politicians. God has not called me to be a politician. Scott served Chama as the owner of the radio station for several years and as a town council member and after his radio years he ran the Chama newspaper. He brought people from all sides together to help get things done in the community. A former Mayor of Chama told me that he and Scott did not agree on many issues, but they respected each other and worked together for the betterment of Chama. Who is going to be the peacemakers for New Mexico? What do politicians do not understand about HATE? Hate is like pouring more gas on an already raging fire in America. We are more divided that ever! Both the GOP and DEMS are guilty as charged.

From ‘Got Questions’: Only children of God can bring the peace of knowing God to others. A person must have a real relationship with God before he or she can help someone else know God. Those who witness for Christ, share their faith with their friends, and serve others in the name of Christ are the ambassadors for peace this verse identifies (see also Matthew 10:41-42). Those who bring the wonderful message of God’s peace to the world are “peacemakers,” and Jesus calls them the “children of God.” More Here From “Got Questions”

Old timers will remember how President Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill worked together to get things done for the American people. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill: A Real-life Friendship

The GOP needs to build bridges of trust with the DEMS and Independents. The GOP is like some preachers who just preach to the choir, and do not carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION. The GOP needs to convince people that they can be trusted. Ronchetti got an the endorsement of Trump, what good does that do? Trump is disliked by so many here in New Mexico. The thing that also blew me away was that Lujan Grisham brought Biden to the state twice, with his dismal approval rating to sway voters. Really?

The Lord has called me to carry out The Great Commission. I am to help lead people to JESUS. Yesterday I visited with a lovely lady who I have been ministering to. This mother of two young children is going through a divorce. I gave her a Bible. She wept right there in ther store among her fellow workers. She said, “I always wanted a Bible.” My testimony is to you is to be a peacemaker, share the love of JESUS, call upon the Holy Spirit to bring peace to all saturations. Marvelous things happen when God comes on the secene! Amen!

Nothing is going to change here in New Mexico or anywhere in America without hearts be given to JESUS and Christians going out into the mission field.

With all the noise the GOP made in New Mexico and then to lose to Lujan Grisham and her abortion agenda and the continued killing of God’s babies, which includes building a 10 million dollar abortion clinic in Las Cruces, should send a message to all Republicans that your current plan to sway voters has failed big time. This election in New Mexico brings out a very horrific fact, with the election of Lujan Grisham, most New Mexicans support abortion. Good News out of Hobbs: City of Hobbs becomes first ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’ in New Mexico, 52nd in US


Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)
Mark Ronchetti (R)
Karen Bedonie (L)
Precincts Reporting: 2006 of 2163 | 93%

From Yahoo News:

As a long Tuesday night bled into a bleary Wednesday morning, it was still not clear whether Democrats or Republicans had won control of Congress in the pivotal 2022 midterms.

Yet amid all the electoral confusion, one thing was already abundantly clear: It was not the night Republicans had been hoping for.

2022 midterms: Republican hopes dashed as control of Congress remains in doubt

Reactions to Kenneth Copeland at Trump Rally, ‘DeSanctimonious’ Comment Indicate Growing Divide Among Evangelicals Over Trump


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