(RNS) — The acting general secretary of the World Council of Churches met this week with Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Orthodox Church head who has drawn global criticism for lending spiritual support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to a WCC readout of the meeting, acting General Secretary Fr. Ioan Sauca, a Romanian Orthodox priest, met with Kirill at the Patriarchal Residence in Moscow on Oct. 17 to discuss “how churches are called to be peacemakers.” The two reportedly engaged in a public discussion as well as a separate, private conversation. More Here


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  1. I know that FGGAM is reporting and not drawing conclusions with this article. I have to say, however, in reading the comments of Patriarch Kirill, I am grieved. With Kirill reportedly stating that “Russian soldiers who die while fighting in Ukraine have all of their sins forgiven, comparing their deaths to Jesus’ sacrifice…”, I could have stopped reading right there. I understand that the upper levels of church leadership need to concern themselves with a larger picture involving those congregants who might be dissuaded from the faith unnecessarily and that careful responses must be made, but the situation in Russia is dire and clearly evil. I acknowledge the comments, and the cultural and political perspectives in Kirill’s reasoning, but those justifications can be stated all day long and they will never become consistent with the God’s will and justify Russia’s unprovoked attack and killing in Ukraine. Yes, it’s easy for me to say and hard for others to do, as even Kirill’s life could be on the line, but the truth of Jesus Christ requires a bold response. God have mercy on us all.

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