Don’t Let Up – Keep Praying For Ukraine!


It’s approaching nearly nine months since Russian forces attacked Ukraine.  Despite heroic and strategically-planned efforts to defend Ukraine and reclaim territory seized by Russian forces, the battle continues.

As of this morning, multiple news agencies report continued Russian attacks upon Ukraine, including in the capital city of Kyiv.

The official Ukrainian government website reports ongoing Russian attacks upon its civilian population and infrastructure.  Fighting continues in the Kherson and Donetsk regions.  Kyiv has suffered continued shelling, with approximately 350,000 apartments now without electricity or water.

Ukrainian forces report that Russia has, since the beginning of the war on February 24, 2022, suffered the loss of approximately 71,820 troops, 2,686 tanks, 5,485 armored vehicles and 352 cruise missiles – among many other military related losses.  The loss of life on all sides is just heart breaking and so very unnecessary.  For additional information, see Ukraine’s official website HERE.

Reuters is reporting that 12 ships loaded with grain departed Ukraine today, this despite Vladimir Putin’s pulling out of the July 2022 deal to allow the exporting of grain from Ukraine through an approved “grain corridor.”  It’s unclear if or when shipments may be curtailed moving forward.  For additional information, see Reuters’ current article HERE.

CNN is also reporting on the grain shipments and related food shortages.  See CNN’s video reporting HERE.

ABC News is reporting on Russia’s continued attacks.  See ABC News’ current article HERE.

CBS New is also reporting on Russia’s continued attacks.  See CBS News’ current article HERE.

My brothers and sisters, please continue to fervently pray for God’s intervention, with a swift and just end to the bloodshed, food and shelter for all of the displaced persons and families, and an end to the suffering, unimaginable pain and trauma.

Let’s pray that the US government’s leaders, current and future, will lead from their knees, hearing the voice of God as they make decisions about humanitarian aid, energy, food delivery, and the continued delivery of weapons – regardless of political party affiliation!  Let’s continue to pray for God’s intervention, such that Russian leaders – and especially Vladimir Putin – would see the war for the evil that it is and relent.  And always, always(!), let’s pray for all to sense the presence and calling of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.  The only Answer to this is Jesus!

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