When Our Idols Fail Us



From Michael Brown:

The thrust of my sermon was that America was so far-gone spiritually and morally that only a great awakening could save the nation.

There was no political solution that could turn the tide, although our political involvement was important.

There was no new strategy that the church could employ that would stop the bleeding.

The only hope was a massive, sweeping revival, beginning in the church and then impacting the larger society. Without that, we were sunk.

But a significant part of my message, which was a wake-up, repentance call rather than a pep talk, emphasized the degree to which politics had seduced us as believers.

I said plainly that many of us had put more emphasis on winning elections than on winning the lost souls. Many of us had simply become appendages of a political party. Worse still, we had the audacity to say that only so-and-so (meaning, our latest political hero) could save America, whereas only Jesus can save America.

From Lifeway Research:

We don’t have to look far to see the world is broken. But we often look for answers in the wrong places only to find our idols fail us.

By Scott McConnell

There may be no better time to actively share the hope found in Jesus Christ than today. While it doesn’t make the news with any references to God, we daily see that “the sorrows of those who take another god for themselves will multiply” (Psalm 16:4a, CSB).

So far, the 2020s have offered society a reality check. While some choose to ignore it, many are recognizing the truth that our idols have failed us. And people are looking for answers.

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