Barry York does an excellent work here in his message about fools. One of the best I have read yet. For years I have said that God teaches us not to answer fools. There are many fools that call themselves Christians. Here at FGGAM we do a ton of social media, I get baited often, oh yes, God has shown me what to do in each case, and that is usually  not answer, do not take the bait. I get baited when I am carrying out The Great Commission at times. Social media has made a mess of many ‘so called’ Christians testimony, even Pastors. They feed an unbelieving world just what it wants to see, crazy, wacked out, misbehaving Christians. It hits the news everyday! Sadly, the Republican party has too many of them. The Dems are lost in space. A Pastor and mentor of mine said to me this week, “The right is not always right and the left is deaf.”

I was taught years and years ago to vet all people with the Word of God. When I use the term ‘vet’ many nowadays do not even know what I am talking about. I also tell folks to look and see if you see any fruit is being produced by the person. Are they producing rotten apples and hate? It seems to be a political theme in America, rotten apples and so much hate and stupidity. I just shake my head at the world and go about my work for God, I will always work for God here on earth until he calls me home. I will not be bashful about speaking up about God and His ways! he is my everything. Politics stinks like hell. It comes down to voting for the lesser of two evils in so many cases.


One very practical skill in leading a life of wisdom is to know what to do with those going in the opposite direction. How do you handle a fool?

This ability is increasingly needed, is it not? For foolishness abounds in our society. Remember its origin. The Lord told us bad fruit comes from bad trees (Matt. 7:17). We truly have whole forests of fools growing these days and, with social media, they have been given bullhorns. Story Here


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