Excellent message by Erica Caudill! I have been writing about this and preaching about this for years. So many Christians, including too many Pastor misbehave. They show an unbelieving world just what it wants to see! Wacked out Christians! This past Sunday I officiated a wedding. I was blessed to meet three Pastors at the wedding. All three have ministered for years and years, one of my new friends has traveled all over the world sharing JESUS! All of my new friends shine the light of JESUS so very brightly! One Pastor was sharing how he had 250 kids on the families property during the weekend worshipping and praising God! More home Churches are popping up across America. Down the road from us a man holds Bible study in his garage for 40 to 50 people every Wednesday, most do not belong to a Church. I had one Pastor in Albuquerque tell me awhile back that he thought Home Churches was the future of the Church in America. So many Churches are struggling to have 20 people in them on Sundays. My new friends said that the Church in America has gone off the road, JESUS is not at the center in many Churches, remember these three are long time servants of God, they define ELDERS! They see it. Too much politics they said.

We need more missionaries from South Korea and other countries to come to America and pray for us and wake us up! 240 missionaries from South Korea were here in June praying for another ‘Great Awakening’ in America.

Erica Caudill in The Christian Post: How can we possibly win souls when we are representing Him so poorly?

The state of the Church (capital C – the church as the whole body of Christ) is honestly alarming. We just can’t seem to help ourselves. We’re constantly shooting ourselves in the foot.

For every step forward we make for the Kingdom, we turn around and do something that pushes us back a country mile. Please notice that I’m saying we. “We” always includes me. I have not arrived, and, frankly, I’m not even close. I mess up far more than I care to admit.

4 reasons the Church is in a bad state

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Pastor Dewey Moede: This is a very good read by Michael Brown. I have to say that one of the top reasons people give to me about not going to Church is, “My church turned to political, to much about backing evil politicians, to much politics.” When we are out ministering and carrying out The Great Commission we get  a real good feel as to the reason of dropping membership in the Church. More Pastors and Church leaders need to hit the streets and hear what people are saying. We all need to build bridges of love and trust and that can only be built with JESUS. When I look at politics, it is the playground of Satan. God tells me what to say and preach, not the political world or any political party. The Holy Spirit comes upon me for days on what to preach, same thing when I post the news here at FGGAM! The Holy Spirit is with me and guiding me. Not man.

Sharon and I learned so much on our Great Commission trip to Wyoming and parts of Montana and South Dakota. We learned a lot about what Americans are thinking. We are so very excited that the Lord is showing us to go back in 6 months.

Do people see JESUS in you? Or do they see a politician?

From Michael Brown in The Christian Post:

My newest book, The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions of American Christians Have Confused Politics with the Gospel, has just been released. But what, exactly, do I mean by “political seduction”?

Do I mean that Christians who are involved in politics have been seduced? Certainly not. I believe Christians should be involved in politics, as I have stated repeatedly for years.

Am I critiquing those who supported Donald Trump, as if they were seduced into voting for him? Not at all. I voted for him myself, both in 2016 and 2020. And my book is about the church more than it is about President Trump (or any other political leader, for that matter).

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Between 1944 and 2011 there was one cultural statistic you could count on: more than 90% of all Americans believed in God. Year after year, decade after decade, from the time of World War II to when President Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden, more than 90% of Americans consistently believed in God. Often, this percentage was as high as 98%, even weighing in at 92% in 2011.

It was like cultural wallpaper.

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