From Seth Barnes in CHURCHLEADERS: The irony is that the whining about pain delays the healing of pain. Only by going through the pain do we stop focusing on symptoms and begin addressing the root causes.

God’s intent is that we live free, but it comes at a price. As Paul counsels, “It is absolutely clear that God has called you to a free life. Just make sure that you don’t use this freedom as an excuse to do whatever you want to do and destroy your freedom.” Galatians 5:13

You Must Walk Through Brokenness Before You Appreciate Grace

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Josiah Porter, who is 12 years old and legally blind in his right eye, hit a grand slam Thursday and helped bring his team to victory during a crucial game in the Little League World Series. Following the grand slam, Josiah’s father, Brandon, told ESPN that it is not possible to talk about his son’s achievements without talking about Josiah’s faith in Jesus.

“God had a big thing to do with all of this, keeping our focus on Jesus walking on the water, like Peter walking on the water in the Bible, and being positive,” said Brandon Porter, a former pastor. “That’s been something for Josiah that’s just so critical to his story.”

Faith in Jesus Carries Little Leaguer Who Hit World Series Grand Slam—And Is Legally Blind in One Eye

10 Ways to Build an Evangelistic Church Culture

From Lifeway Research:

By Jimmy Scroggins

Culture is mediated through leadership over time. When it comes to building an evangelistic church culture, it’s incumbent upon pastors and other church leaders to set the culture, speak the culture, model the culture and stay the course.

A church is likely to be as enthusiastic about evangelism as its pastor. Building a true culture of evangelism takes time – not days, weeks or months but years or even decades.

Here are 10 ways church leaders can cultivate a more evangelistic congregation.

1. Focus on prayer.

Challenge the people attending your church to pray specifically and persistently for those they know who are far from God.

We encourage people to make a list of their friends, neighbors, and coworkers who aren’t believers. Write their names on an index card and pray daily for them asking God to draw them to His Son by the power of the Spirit.

10 Ways to Build an Evangelistic Church Culture

10 Reasons Why a Small Church Tends To Stay Small

Great message by Joe McKeever in CHURCHLEADERS!

First, an explanation or two, then a definition. I know more about getting a small church to grow than larger ones. I pastored three of them, and only the first of the three did not grow. I was fresh out of college, untrained, inexperienced and clueless about what I was doing. The next two grew well, and even though I remained at each only some three years, one almost doubled and the other nearly tripled in attendance and ministries.

By using the word “grow,” I do not mean numbers for numbers’ sake. I do not subscribe to the fallacy that bigness is good, and small churches are failures. What I mean by “grow” is reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. More Here

There are three type of Churches when it comes to The Great Commission

How many newborn believers are in your church? Here are some ways you can help them in their spiritual development journey


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