I am sick and tired of these conspiracy theories by Christians! Many Christians are putting politics and conspiracy theories above Almighty GOD! You are helping tear down the Bride of Christ and the Country! Sadly, too many Pastors fan the flames of this stuff! As I minister, I hear often that people left their church because of all the politics and conspiracy theories in the Church. How about the Christians that drank Republican supporter and talk show host Alex Jones Kool-Aid???? WOW!!After Alex Jones’ First ‘Surreal’ Trial, Sandy Hook Parents Targeted By Infowars Still Seek Justice  The dumbing down of America has really hurt us. How about this one from GOP Marjorie Taylor Greene’s space laser and the age-old problem of blaming the Jews 

I am shocked that the GOP keeps people like Taylor in their party! What a nut case! The Dems and GOP are lost! We need a strong third party, the two party system in America is beyond repair.

Read your Bibles Christians. Seek the face of Jesus. Jesus is TRUTH!

Do you not have God given discernment? Do you have the Holy Spirit with you?

I see some of the younger GOP members here in New Mexico post hateful comments on Facebook. It shows a lack of Christian maturity. You are only preaching to your supporters.

Neither party is able to bring peace to America, only Jesus! The Church needs to get busy and carry out The Great Commission! Go out into the streets in America, leave your walls, leave your comfort zone! How many people has your Church baptized in the last 3 years?

By Aaron Earls of Lifeway Research

While Americans have been caught in a whirlwind of conspiracy theories the last several months, many pastors say they hear such unfounded claims from their church members.

49% of U.S. Protestant pastors say they frequently hear members of their congregation repeating conspiracy theories they have heard.CLICK TO TWEET

A new study from Nashville-based Lifeway Research finds 49% of U.S. Protestant pastors say they frequently hear members of their congregation repeating conspiracy theories they have heard about why something is happening in our country. Around 1 in 8 (13%) strongly agree their congregants are sharing conspiracy theories, defined by Merriam-Webster as “a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.” More Here


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