We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament and New Testament are the inerrant, inspired, and infallible Word of God.
God’s Word is the final authority for faith and life.
We believe there is only one God, and He has chosen to reveal Himself
as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
– FGGAM is a non-denominational, nonpartisan, Independent ministry –

Excellent message from Chuck lawless in CHURCHLEADERS! God Bless you all at CHURCHLEADERS! We here at FGGAM work hard also attempting to build bridges of love and trust!

I’m working hard at developing relationships with non-believers. I’m reminded regularly, though, that they don’t always readily listen to believers when we try to share the gospel. I knew that, but I’m also learning in conversation with them why they don’t want to listen. Here are some of the reasons I’m hearing:

  1. They sense we’re treating them more as projects than as people we care about. That happens when we talk with them only to share the gospel but then turn away from them when they aren’t ready to respond.
  2. They see us only as judgmental. We may not be at all, but they have a tendency at times to lump all believers together. One group that really is uncaring and judgmental colors the reputation of all of us. 8 Reasons Why Non-Believers Don’t Always Listen to Us

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