PTL!!! TEAM JESUS!!! Viral Video Captures Stunning Rendition of the Lord’s Prayer in DC’s Capitol Rotunda


GLORY!!! Hallelujah!!


A man performed a beautiful rendition of the Lord’s Prayer in the U.S. Capitol Wednesday evening, and after it was shared on social media it went viral, quickly garnering nearly a million views.

Video of the two-minute performance shows a crowd gathered around Nathan Kistler as he sings with a full heart. Some spectators can be seen recording the powerful spiritual moment while others appear to be listening intently as if they were praying.

‘GOOSE BUMPS’: Viral Video Captures Stunning Rendition of the Lord’s Prayer in DC’s Capitol Rotunda

From Jessica Lea of CHURCHLEADERS:

Southern gospel singer Ben Waites, who recently wowed the judges on “America’s Got Talent” (AGT), spent this past Sunday morning singing and delivering a message at Christian Challenge Worship Center in Pineville, Louisiana. In the middle of performing a series of gospel songs, Waites told the congregation that helping people understand the love of Jesus is more important to him than fame or even his passion for singing.

“I don’t want to just sing fun songs, make people laugh,” he said. “I’m not even interested in being on national TV. I’m interested in letting you know that Jesus loves you.”

‘He Will Not Forsake You’–‘America’s Got Talent’ Contender Shares His Highest Priority in Sunday Church Service


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