Alex Jones is a disgrace. He is a very spiritually sick man. I warned the manager of a radio station in Albuquerque years ago not to put Jones his station. My discernment showed me not to have anything to do with this man, Satan has him, Now his kingdom of ‘InfoWars is crushed. I knew he would stir the pot of evil and cause problems in America! The sad things is that he had many followers that sucked up everything he said! Jones has done much damage to America, as has many radio and tv commentators with all the junk they spew forth. I am sad to say that many Americans lack Christian discernment, even pastors and so called Christian leaders have been sucked up in all this ‘evil talk’ and conspiracies on radio and tv, and take it into their families and Churches. Seek the Word of God and not man or woman. Do you not see the damage being done to the Church and America?

There is a message for us all in this: One of Abe Lincoln’s favorite scriptures, The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 16, verse 13. It says, “Kings take pleasure in honest lips, and they value a man who speaks the truth.” Yes, Abraham Lincoln was a man of real strength and the highest integrity.

Always vet people with God’s Word, also look for then fruit. We must make a habit of calling out for insight, raising our voice for understanding, and seeking discernment and wisdom as a hidden treasure. We must take part in cultivating a spirit of discernment by prayerfully asking for wisdom. Why Is Discernment Important in the Christian Life?

I am an old radio guy that started in the late 70’s. I held many positions in my 40 plus years in radio. I was taught at Brown to be impartial, and check my sources at least three times! I was a news reporter, news director, station manger, and other various positions in my years. I was taught by the best! Much of radio and Tv news stinks in America today. Just look at the results.

This Civil War in America is fueled in part by the media in America and crazy politicians, both Dems and Republicans! The dumbing down of America has caused severe damage to our Country!

A Texas jury ordered radio host Alex Jones to pay Sandy Hook elementary school parents more than $4 million in compensatory damages to the parents of a 6-year-old boy killed in the massacre for telling his followers the mass shooting was staged.

Alex Jones: Sandy Hook parents tell Infowars founder he has made their lives a ‘living hell’ as they face him in court

Infowars website files for bankruptcy protection as founder Alex Jones faces lawsuits


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