One man and God can change the direction of a city, state, nation and the world! How do I know this?

Written By Pastor Mark Tross
One man (his woman) and God can change the direction of a city, state, nation and the world! How do I know this? Well of course, it’s been proven biblically over the centuries, but The Bible was written, so that each and every one of us would come to ‘experientially’ know it.  Obedience always brings God’s Blessings, it’s not always easy to walk it out by faith, but without faith it’s impossible to please God, besides, Jesus says, “My Yoke Is Easy And My Burden Is Light.” No man or woman is an island, we need each other, none of us are meant to go it alone.  We can not say, I don’t need you or you’re not part of me, because we’re all in this race (the human race) to win, so we have to do what’s best for all and should be helping one another cross the finish line! Meeting Dewey Moede at KKIM Radio definitely changed my life forever, but this side of Heaven, we’ll not know how many peoples lives have been transported into eternity, because of this man’s prayer life, vision and passion for God’s Kingdom to Come, not only to New Mexico, but across America and around the world! His vision and experience in communication brought us to live streaming & tv, locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.  Yes, he’s hands on, one on one, can preach, teach and has a healing heart for all who will receive it.  We’re all one of a kind, unique, gifted and talented, but how many of us really allow God to show that to each other and the world? Congrats and God’s Richest Blessings to you and Sharon, for stepping out in The Faith Of The Son Of God and continuing to show us The Way to The Father.  Keep Giving Them HEAVEN!
Your Brother In JESUS,
Mark Tross
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