From Andrea Morris of CBN:

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy is pointing people to scripture while answering multiple questions related to abortion, biblical truth, and whether life begins at the moment of conception.

The recent series of tweets began on Sunday when Dungy replied to a comment from someone suggesting that there didn’t appear to be a biblical case for when life actually begins.

“It’s a brand new idea, made up in the 1970s,” tweeted user Adam Davidson. “In the bible and for nearly all of Xn history, life was thought to begin sometime in the 2nd trimester.”

‘Basing My Opinion on What God Said’: Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn During Social Media Debate

NM GOP GOV. Candidate Rochetti Shifts His Stance on Abortion, I do not think abortion will end in our state with either Ronchetti or Grisham as Governor

The Alamogordo Daily News Reports:

Otero County New Mexico could become ‘sanctuary for life’ via anti-abortion resolution

I got a call my Dear friend Clara, a 94-year-old prayer warrior yesterday. She is so very disheartened as to what is happening to America. Clara has spent her life spreading the JOY of JESUS, it is so tragic that we are at war with each other. The war over God’s babies…is just so very tragic.

We pray for peace of JESUS in America. Sister Shari Johnson wrote this today:

Church is one of the greatest gifts that God gave His people. It is there we build our relationship and understanding of the word of God that allows us to live in peace. The very thing that everyone desires, and few have. They don’t have it because they have no relationship with God or His people. Victory Baptist Church did not save me, Christ did that, but it for certain has shaped me into who I am and has afforded me a peace that I never knew prior to salvation. By attending church I receive the word of God from the man of God. I have friends that lift me up in prayer and give me opportunity to do the same for them. I have the sweetest fellowship that is not in the world. You may have friends… but not friends like those in the Lord. As a child of God I have the desire to be in His House, in His word and with His people. He puts that desire in everyone of His children and we are without excuse for not following it. Read Sister Shari’s entire message The End is the Beginning of a Great Life!

The Civil War in America gets worse………

Billy Hallowell of FAITHWIRE reports:

Weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that nationalized abortion law, activists and abortion providers are continuing to try and find ways to keep offering the procedure in and near states where it has been restricted.

Doctor Launches Controversial Plan to Get Around State Abortion Laws With…Floating Clinic

The Biden administration said on Monday that hospitals “must” provide abortion services if it is necessary to save a mother’s life. Meanwhile, the FDA is considering making birth control available over the counter.

My Favorite Right is Life!
July 11,2022
Hello Everyone,
Last week I received a call from our San Juan County Right to Life team and they let me know that their large signs had been vandalized. As you see they spray painted “Save Roe” over their beautiful signs.
We are saddened that someone or groups would do this, however I’m not surprised. Our chapter president was harassed on social media and I had her file a police complaint.
We are a peaceful people and when the courts don’t rule in our favor we don’t loot, riot, or destroy the property of others, but those who insist on murdering babies are a violent bunch. Lindsey Graham said recently “When Roe came out, we didn’t burn down the Capitol as conservatives. We didn’t go to liberal justices’ homes and try to intimidate them. The radical left are constitutional anarchists, they’re literally trying to change this country from top to bottom.”
At any rate we will need to help them replace or repair these signs. Please consider giving to help them get this done.
Thank you for all you do for the cause of life.
My Favorite Right is Life!
God bless,
Ethel Maharg
Executive Director

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