New Mexico and all of America needs GOD to lead us!  We are living in a time where only 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview and only 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview, the result: CHAOS!

Quote from John McDonald on Leadership:

God will hold every leader responsible for how they use their leadership.

Many, if not most, leaders functionally dismiss this primary essential of true leadership. The result is leadership that does not recognize God as the source and giver of their authority. These leaders then treat their leadership as a natural endowment or right.

A leader who is aware of, and responsive to, the sovereignty of God as revealed in Jesus Christ will acknowledge his or her dependence upon God; will exercise leadership in a way that pleases God; and will be able to account for his or her privilege of leadership with joy.

Our First President George Washington pointed out four duties pertained to NATIONS:

  1. Acknowledge God
  2. Obey His will
  3. Be grateful for His aid
  4. Implore His protection and favor.

This news story from the Texas Tribune was in my news feed yesterday. I hardly could stomach it. When I see the University of New Mexico involved in the abortion business I say, IT IS WRONG FOR SOME OF MY TAX DOLLARS GO TO UNM!!! It is just like the Albuquerque City Council granting funding to Planned Parenthood! Did that ever get overturned????? MY TAX DOLLARS SHOULD NOT BE USED TO KILL GOD’S BABIES!!! New Mexico is operating in such DARKNESS! An abortion clinic from Mississippi is moving to New Mexico!  I watched NM Governor Lujan Grisham on TV last night during here meeting with President Biden and other Democratic Governors on abortion. Lujan Grisham is more fired up that ever to go full speed ahead aborting babies. I believe she thinks this is her way of getting reelected, as the majority of people that vote in this state, vote for ant-god politicians. I mean come on!!! The leading Pro-life candidate, Ethel Maharg, on the GOP side in the primary, finished last! What does that tell you about GOP voters!!! Ethel Maharg has staked her life on saving God’s babies!!! What does this say about the New Mexico GOP voters??? Are they afraid of losing because if they come on to strong about God’s babies Ronchetti will lose to Lujan Grisham? I would have thought Ronchetti would have come out after the Supreme Courts ruling on Roe v Wade and held a press conference on how he would help end the killing of God’s babies here in New Mexico! I saw a quote from him on his twitter feed saying he wants to end abortion up to birth. You need a plan, you need to be a voice for God’s babies!  Who is going to stand strong for GOD??????? NM GOP Governor Susana Martinez was governor for 8 years, she failed to end abortion.

At New Mexico abortion clinic calls from Texas flood in and wait times grow
The University of New Mexico Center for Reproductive Health is one of only three clinics in the state that perform abortion procedures. The clinic’s doctors say people from Texas make up more than 75% of their patients.

Read in The Texas Tribune:

Just in to FGGAM: The Texas Supreme Court ordered late Friday that the state’s century-old abortion ban, struck down in Roe v. Wade in 1973, can be enforced immediately in civil court.

Billboard Welcomes People to California ‘Where Abortion Is Safe and Still Legal’ and New Mexico Welcomes Mississippi Abortion Clinic!

July 4 is Independence Day in the United States of America. Along with picnics and ball games, we fly the American Flag and celebrate with fireworks. This is the annual remembrance of the day when fifty-six men representing thirteen colonies signed a document declaring our freedom from the tyrannical rule of Great Britain’s king. After they signed it, they began to form our government “by the people and for the people.” As the reader may know, most early Americans came to the new world for religious freedom. They based their laws upon the Bible.

4 Simple but Bold Ways to Keep our Freedoms – Connecting Truth to Life

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