America! Bless God!


Good Morning Team Jesus! July 3rd is my Mom’s birthday in heaven. Ruth Irene Moede passed into the arms of Jesus in January of 1995. I miss my mom so very much! Mom hass the most marked up Bible I have ever seen….underlining and circling scripture. Mom not only read God’s Word, she lived it, as did my Dad! My birthday is on July 4th! I was born red, white and blue!!! My Daddy always told me that I was a firecracker, not a dud! LOL! I want to share with you this morning some messages from a few former Presidents of the United States of America!

I want to encourage you to purchase the The Founders Bible by Christian Historian David Barton. Every American needs this! The origin of the dream of freedom! Sadly only 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview, ONLY 37% of Pastors do!!! TRAGIC!!! This is from Barna research! Are You Free?

It drives me nuts when people say, “America was not founded by God.” Our first President George Washington stated four duties that pertained to NATIONS:

  1. Acknowledge God
  2. Obey His will
  3.  Be grateful for His aid
  4.  Implore His protection and favor

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