WOW! Young Girl Stuns America’s Got Talent, Wins Golden Buzzer After Mind-Blowing Version of ‘Amazing Grace’


WOW WEE!!! So very sweet and powerful! It is getting more and more hard to find GOOD NEWS in the world, I have to search harder everyday, there is so much bad news EVEN IN THE CHURCH! SEX CRIMES EVERY WEEK!!! IT SEEMS OF LATE EVERYDAY THERE IS NEW SEX ABUSE IN GOD’s CHURCH!!!!! SHAME!….it has become very, very sad..hard to sleep at night. WAY TOO MANY IN THE CHURCH ARE DOING SEVERE DAMAGE TO THE BRIDE OF CHRIST!….but this story really helped my spirit….this little girl is why I do what I do……sharing JESUS and His precious stories…..

From CBN:

During a recent commercial break during the taping of an episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, an 11-year-old girl who was sitting in the audience wowed the show’s judges and won the hearts of audience members with her powerful rendition of the classic hymn “Amazing Grace.”

It’s a standing custom by the show’s producers to give some audience members an opportunity to sing during the show’s breaks for commercials.

Young Girl Stuns AGT’s Simon Cowell and Howie Mandell, Wins Golden Buzzer After Mind-Blowing Version of ‘Amazing Grace’

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